The Wayfaring Band put on their boots and spurs and headed to the 107th annual National Western Stock Show to see the Mexican Rodeo Extravaganza in January of 2013. Tour leaders Andrea Moore, Pavel Reppo, Chris Ardelt, Jane Moore, and Mike Moore wrangled eight band members: Eli, Carter, Zane, Sophie, Nick, Sam, Preston, and Greg showed up at the Coliseum ready for some ropin’ and ridin’ action. Yee-haw!


Thank you ALL again for taking Greg to the stock show – he had a great time and talked about it all the way home. He carefully folded his new purple scarf and said he’s wearing it to camp next summer. You guys are the best!!– Debbie Hauserman, mother


We met on a Sunday afternoon a few hours before the Mexican rodeo, so we had some time to explore the grounds. As one of the world’s largest livestock shows, there’s plenty to see and do! First we walked over to the smaller arena, where we stumbled on an alpaca costume contest. Alpacas and their owners were both dressed up, from head to hoof. We saw Cleopatra lead her gauze-wrapped mummy onto the floor, while Elvis and some pirates waited in the wings. After that we visited the petting zoo, where we had the opportunity to chat with chickens and consider kidnapping some baby goats. Next were the stockyards, where the best bulls and cows are shown off to the masses.


For dinner we chose between burgers, hot dogs, pulled pork sandwiches, and turkey legs. Pavel and Mike went straight for the biggest turkey legs they could find, and we followed these two big brutes to our reserved seats in the main arena, eager for the show to begin. And what a show it was! We enjoyed Mexican folk dancers, Aztec-inspired choreography, Navajo hoop dancers, roping, riding, steer wrestling, and — of course — mutton bustin’. A good time was had by all, and we’re hoping for a stock show reunion tour in 2014. Gracias a todos!


Photo Gallery

The stock show and Mexican rodeo were a fiesta to remember. Thanks for joining us!We are here! Time to rope and ride with our Wayfaring friends.Two good-looking cowboys.There are no words. Well, only two words: Alpaca Mummy!Alpaca costume contest. This bronco will not buck.Chris and Carter give a goat a little TLC at the petting zoo.
We cannot lie... we like big butts.Feeding eight hungry wranglers looks a little like a heart attack...Preston ate that whole foot long!Chow time!Zane and Andrea hang at the cowboy grill.Mexican rodeo extravaganza!Navajo hoop dancers. Incredible!
Big dudes eating bigger turkey legs.Eli and Greg watching the rodeo.Do not worry Melanie: Sophie did not eat that whole snowcone. :)Chris and Zane in between cheering for the talented Mexican folk dancers.Carter and Jane are laid back and loving life.The kind and lovely cowboy on the right gave Greg that purple silk neck scarf as a gift. Jane Moore: our very own ram. Congrats on graduating, Jane! The band is proud of you!
Is it cool if we let Carter drive, Marilyn?The band wants a tractor. We just look so *good* on a John Deer.Gracias, amigos! See you soon for another fantastic tour with the band.