On July 9th, 2013, The Wayfaring Band strapped on their imaginary parachutes, zipped up their wet suits, and dove in to Point Break at Film on the Rocks, held at the one-of-a-kind Red Rocks Amphitheater. Band Managers Pavel Reppo and Andrea Moore were accompanied by a fleet of friends and loved ones: tour managers Ronnie Grinberg and Chris Ardelt were in the house, as well as a handful of Andrea and Pavel’s closest friends. Four band members joined the fun: Preston, Conor, Greg, and Mackenzie were eager to be a part of the bank-robbing,skydiving, and surfing shenanigans!


What a great night to be under the stars at Red Rocks! Thanks! – Wanda Chambers Coleman, mother of band member


Pavel and Andrea crafted bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwiches for all of the moviegoers for dinner. The band found a restful spot atop the cascading stairs and set up shop. The band You, Me, & Apollo and DJs from the Mile High Soul Club warmed up the excited crowd, and after some rockin’ tunes, the film began!


We followed Bodhi’s criminal antics and cheered for FBI Agent Johnny Utah. Preston sat cackling as Greg repeatedly clapped his hand over his mouth to cover the visceral shock of being in the company of such adrenaline. Mackenzie pierced the screen with her gaze, and Conor amused all of us with his occasional bursts into solo air guitar performances. Wow!


The night was filled with mounds of laughter, action, and adventure. Our band extends our deepest thanks to the brilliant and totally under-appreciated cinematographers responsible for the artistry that is Point Break. You really gave us a new sense of cool! Whether it was our delicious BLTs or the electric chemistry between Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze, we left fully satisfied with pulsing spirits. We look forward to seeing you all as we dive into more wave-breaking, heart-pounding fun. Surf’s up!


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