About the Band

Meet the Team

Executive Director, Co-founder

Andrea Moore is a social artist, activist, theatre geek, geology buff, and Colorado native. She began working with people experiencing cognitive and developmental differences in 2002 as an adventure camp counselor at Adam’s Camp. Andrea discovered quickly that her own “special needs” were being addressed as completely as the people she was hoping to serve, and her interest in the concept of mutual aid was sparked. In addition to serving as Executive Director for The Wayfaring Band, Andrea is a working artist using writing, performance, and photography to foster dialogue and connection across social and cultural lines. Andrea has worked with high school students in South Central Los Angeles, taught slam poetry to teenagers living in group foster care in Denver, and mentored students orphaned by the AIDS epidemic in Uganda during her annual trip to East Africa. She is passionate about advocacy and responsible leadership, particularly in partnership with people who have been marginalized and disenfranchised, and she brings this experience to bear in all her pursuits. She is thrilled to share her creative and radical spirit with the members of The Wayfaring Band.


Andrea Moore

Operations Roadie

Kendall is a licensed Special Education teacher, an advocate, a lover of outdoor games, and a Colorado native. She became involved in the disability community in 2004 when she was just 12 years old as a volunteer for the Cherry Creek Special Olympics Aquatics Team. As she grew, so too did her passion for working in partnership with the disability community. Kendall served as the leader of the Young Athletes program within the swim team and was asked to join Global Messengers, the first neurodiverse cohort of young leaders associated with Special Olympics Colorado. Kendall twice traveled to Washington, D.C. to speak to members of Congress about the importance of educational, recreational, and health-related funding for people with disabilities, and she worked as a counselor for Adam’s Camp for 5 years. Finally, Kendall’s passion for inclusion was honed over the nine years she spent working at The Rise School of Denver, an inclusive preschool. Kendall is passionate about empowering people to find the skills to ask for help within the context of their special needs, as well as the sense of security required to share and express their special gifts. As Operations Roadie for The Wayfaring Band, Kendall plans trips, connects with travelers and families, and executes our adventures with positivity and panache.


Kendall Hagar


Pavel Reppo is a social entrepreneur, and he is passionate about fostering opportunities for sustainable positive change. His work in the disability community began in 2006 when he first began working for Adam’s Camp, where he and Andrea met and connected over their shared interests. Pavel and Andrea initially founded The Wayfaring Band with fellow camp counselors Chris Ardelt and Jane Moore in an effort to fill a need for meaningful opportunities for socialization and independence for young adults with disabilities. After a remarkable inaugural road trip through southwest Colorado, Chris and Jane moved on to other adventures while Pavel and Andrea dug in deep to build a sustainable organization. In the organization’s infancy and early adolescence, Pavel was instrumental in advocating for a more explicit approach to leadership, which ultimately resulted in the creation of our fellowship program. Pavel is now pursuing new opportunities in the field of social impact, but he remains a proud founder of The Wayfaring Band and wishes the band well on its journey.

Pavel Reppo

Our Organization

Are We a Band?

Although we like to rock, we are not a rock-and-roll band. We are a wayfaring band, which means we are a band of people who travel together. We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Denver, Colorado.


Who We Serve

Our programs serve adults who experience intellectual and developmental disabilities as well as neurotypical leadership fellows. We also grant one spot per tour to an artist-in-residence. Most of our participants are young adults, and our style of travel appeals to wayfarers with a youthful spirit. However, we welcome older adult travelers as well.


What We Do

We offer road trips, a fellowship for emerging leaders, and leadership for hire. You can learn more about our services here.


Our Mission

Our mission is to create social experiences for our members to explore, connect, and engage with their communities through the lens of travel and adventure.


Our Vision

Our dream is to model our vision of inclusivity everywhere we travel, fundamentally altering the way people experience difference.


Our Values & Best Practices

Mutual Aid & Service

We value mutual aid, and we practice that by being of service to others. Lending a hand to people in need empowers us to ask for help when we need it. A culture of mutual aid enables everyone to be a contributing and valued member of society. We all have special gifts, and we all have special needs, and when we successfully express both we feel appreciated. Though we are diverse of experience, we are similar of spirit and value each person’s contribution. We’re all in the band!

Inclusivity & Hospitality

We value inclusivity, and we practice that by showing hospitality to others. Welcoming people with open arms and hearts creates a warm, inclusive space in which everyone can experience an authentic sense of belonging.

Love & Gratitude

We value love, and we practice that by constantly expressing our gratitude. We believe that happiness is directly proportional to the amount of gratitude we carry in our hearts, and we are grateful to all the people, organizations, and opportunities that have conspired to support us on our individual journeys. A person’s capacity to give and receive love is a powerful and precious gift, and we will cultivate an environment of positivity and confidence, where our love can grow and flourish.

Agency & Reflection

We value agency, and we practice that by encouraging reflection. We wish to empower each individual’s capacity to act and make choices, encouraging independence and autonomy. In order to know if we are truly self-advocating to the best of our ability, it is important to frequently reflect and take stock of our progress. Self-awareness helps us face our perceived limitations and exceed our personal expectations, growing in our ability to self-advocate and provide self-care.

Adventure & Risk-Taking

We value adventure, and we practice that by encouraging risk-taking. When we risk getting out of our comfort zone, it is guaranteed to expose us to new activities, conversations, connections, and interactions with each other and the world. Our common passion for adventure aligns us, and we will nurture this spirit of exploration in our programming and in each other.